The Metsä Wood mill in Lohja, Finland, produces Kerto LVL, a laminated veneer lumber). How they do it, however, is the story. The company designed its manufacturing process so that it generates more bioenergy during production than is used in the process.

This energy-efficient mill begins by generating as little waste as possible, which means as much of the wood as possible is used for Kerto LVL. The sawdust and wood chips generated in processing the engineered wood that cannot be used to make the lumber are instead used for pulp and bioenergy production.

In addition, a bio heating plant was constructed next to the mill to capture and reuse waste heat from manufacturing process. The heat energy produced at the plant covers the needs of the mill, and the excess is provided to help meet the needs of the surrounding town, which makes the Lohja Kerto LVL mill fully energy self-sufficient. The heat produced for district heating compensates for the purchase of electricity needed for the mill’s operation. Lohja also has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent.