Smart line of advanced, digital flow control products includes the company’s SmartFire, SmartLink CV, MRV, DS and SmartMeter. All are designed to minimize emissions, maximize efficiency and provide ease of burner operation through precise, repeatable control. The SmartLink DS intelligent control actuator series is a heavy-duty, quarter-turn actuator that offers flexibility for industrial and commercial process control applications. The company’s electromechanical or pneumatic safety shut-off valves offer numerous trim options, sizes, fittings, materials, pressure ratings and worldwide agency approvals. The company’s line of direct and indirect-fired burners have an extended installed base in heating applications worldwide. High temperature, low temperature, nozzle-mixing, line/duct, radiant tube, infrared and oxy burners are designed and built for long life, low emissions and maximum performance.

Maxon, Honeywell Commercial and Industrial Combustion