A natural-gas-fired, three-zone conveyor oven will be used for curing adhesive on parts at a rate of 350 parts per hour. Wisconsin Oven Corp., East Troy, Wis., shipped the oven with built-in cooling zone to a supplier of flooring products.

The oven was designed with three heating zones and one cooling zone to provide an optimal cure of adhesive on the parts. Each zone includes a door on the side of the oven to ease personnel access during maintenance and service. The equipment has a maximum temperature rating of 600°F (315°C).

An infrared pyrometer monitors the part temperature in two locations: after the final heating zone and after the cooling zone. If the product temperature exceeds its setting, an alarm will sound. The conveyor oven is rated for Class A use as defined by NFPA 86 with a solvent rating of 0.14 gal/hr.