A Blue M Ultra-Temp standard convection oven will be used for a metal injection-molding debind process in the orthodontics industry. The oven, manufactured by Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) will perform the debind process at temperatures of 390 and 1050°F (199 and 566°C).

The dental orthopedic parts will be placed on ceramic trays before being run through the debind cycle, which usually lasts 14 to 16 hours. According to TPS, the thermal process produces nonhazardous off-gases that condense to a form of wax. A lift truck loads the parts into the oven, which has a powered exhaust with variable-frequency drive for exhausting the orthodontia’s nonhazardous fumes from the processing chamber during the debinding process. Using the VFD, the orthodontics maker will be able to adjust the exhaust motor speed to reduce or increase the exhaust flow rate.