Commissioning industrial automation technologies may be more efficient thanks to a mobile app developed by Maverick Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company.

eStart can be used at the beginning of a startup and commissioning project to digitally gather data and create loop folders to house all relevant instrument data and check sheets. Digital folder creation can reduce documentation time and keep all electronic data at the technicians’ fingertips, says the company. Also, a “near me” feature uses GPS technology to locate nearby instruments and identify which stage of commissioning they are in to make loop shooting more efficient.

“With eStart, loop-shooting time is reduced by up to 10 percent, and documentation time is reduced by up to 30 percent, ensuring a more efficient workflow,” said consultant Mark McMakin.

According to Maverick, the app also can help document commissioning projects. As steps are completed, the app automatically records the technician’s name, date and time stamp. Customers get real-time updates so they know how close the project is to completion.

The app is an integrated feature of Maverick’s SureStart solution. Learn more at