January marks the return of our annual Equipment Overview on Heat Transfer Fluids, which includes all of the fluid characteristics needed to select a heat transfer fluid for industrial thermal processing. As Jay Hudson noted in his article series for Process Heating, “When selecting a fluid (or fluid type) for a system, it is important to have accurate data on certain intrinsic properties of the fluids being considered. These properties are used to define fluid flow rates and temperatures on the process side of the system and also for the fluid heater manufacturer’s use in sizing his equipment.” Our Equipment Overview gives you just that.

Thermal fluids are used in myriad applications, from asphalt heating to precise chemical processes, to paddle drying and vessel heating. What they share is a need to select, operate and maintain thermal fluids carefully and appropriately.

To help you do so, Process Heating launched a series of webinars on heat transfer fluids for industrial processes in December 2015. In 2017, we will host two more sessions:

  • Thermal Fluid Analysis Offers Peek Inside Your System. If your heat transfer fluid is vital to your production, and production drives your profit, why is the thermal fluid the last thing you think of? Preventive maintenance can reduce the risks and effects of oxidation and thermal cracking. Fluid analysis can help you determine the condition of your fluid. What if your thermal fluid is degraded? Learn about reactive maintenance for thermal fluid systems.
  • Insiders’ Guide to Fluid System Maintenance. In this episode of our heat transfer fluids webinar series, we go beyond the basics to deliver practical tips from those working with heat transfer fluids every day. Learn the insiders’ tips for preventive maintenance for thermal fluid heating, including how to pipe in a nitrogen system; design elements in system filtration; and how to remove water and deal with water contamination.

As always, you can attend these online seminars for free and learn the unbiased facts about using heat transfer fluids for industrial process applications. With more than 100 years of combined experience with heat transfer fluids, the speakers — experts working daily with thermal fluids from a range of manufacturers — are uniquely positioned to give honest insights into this essential product and how it can best perform in your plant.

If you have missed any of the events in the series, they have been recorded and archived on www.process-heating.com. Previous sessions include:

  • What to consider when making the buying decision about a heat transfer fluid for your system.
  • Thermal fluid degradation: sources and solutions.
  • Tips for extending the life of your heat transfer fluid.

To register for the upcoming events and access all of the webinars in the series, visit process-heating.com/HTFwebinars.