A gas-fired car-bottom oven with fume incinerator will be used by a company in the oil and gas industry for thermal cleaning to burn-off residue in oil drilling pipes. Once the pipes are burned out, they are recoated. This method is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning out the oil from drilling pipes.

The heavy-duty oven, manufactured by Wisconsin Oven Corp., has a maximum temperature rating of 800°F (426°C). The industrial unit has the capability to heat 70,000 lb of steel from a cold start to 750°F (399°C) within 75 minutes. The load car is designed for a maximum load of 172,000 lb.

The fume incinerator, which is located on top of the oven, eliminates the exhaust fumes created by the burnout application. It can handle 5,000 cfm of exhaust and will remove the visible smoke from the air stream. The top portion of the fume incinerator is split for ease of access for maintenance.