Watt-Flex heaters transfer heat efficiently, provide a longer operating life and are easier to replace than conventional heaters. These features reduce the cost of process heating, according to the manufacturer. The split-sheath design allows heaters to expand when energized for wall-to-wall contact and maximized heat transfer even in oversized bores. A continuous coil eliminates cold sections, ensures a uniform temperature profile, and enables a hot tip option. Dense magnesium oxide compaction provides good heat conduction to the sheath, higher operating temperatures, cool internal operation and up to five times longer life. The heaters contract when de-energized for warranted removability from bores, eliminating drill-outs and reducing maintenance time, damage to the bore, and machine downtime. Reduced operating/energy costs, longer heater life and reduced maintenance and changeout costs combine to reduce the cost of heating on average.

Split-Sheath Cartridge Heaters Help Reduce Heating Costs