Even though wear and tear is natural, preventive maintenance can reduce unplanned stops, increase equipment lifetime and reduce workplace accidents. In a tips bulletin, Alfa Laval, a provider of engineering solutions for heat transfer, separation and fluid handling, offers advice on servicing hygienic equipment.

  • For valves, make regular service and maintenance checks for them to be able to perform optimally. Follow a simple preventive maintenance program to prolong their lifespan.
  • For rotary lobe pumps, check the oil level in the gearbox regularly and refill when necessary. 
  • For centrifugal pumps, check to make sure water has been connected so that the shaft seal does not run dry. Dry running will damage the shaft seal and could lead to a damaged pump.
  • Regularly maintain your tank equipment following scheduled service intervals. This will always keep your tank equipment in good condition.

For more servicing advice from Alfa Laval, visit www.alfalaval.com.