Industrial-scale steam boilers will help one Wisconsin hospital reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and improve steam output. UnityPoint Health-Meriter in Madison installed five Miura EX-300 SGO Gas/Oil Series high pressure boilers for its hot water, sterilization, humidification, heat and other facility needs.

“With Miura’s low-water content design, they start up within a few minutes and begin producing steam,” Ryan Unzicker, Meriter’s facilities manager. “We have been able to put at least 60 pounds of steam (per square inch) in the entire hospital system within about 15 minutes or so, where it used to take the old boilers hours to recover.”  

The boilers also gave Meriter, which has been recognized three times as a “100 Top Hospitals,” the capacity they needed while using less fuel and producing fewer emissions than the boilers they replaced. The steam boilers were engineered to fire automatically with Miura’s advanced control system and modulate themselves (step-fired), maintaining pressure as needed and rotating so that all boilers ran about the same number of hours.

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