10. Infrared Lamps for PET and Thermoforming

Infrared lamps for PET manufacturing reduce energy consumption, resulting in savings in production costs. Lamps are available with or without the company’s ceramic reflector coating. Read more!

9. Ultra-High Efficiency Industrial Process Chiller

Chiller with variable-speed compressor operates between 10 and 100 percent of its rated capacity. The design applies variable-speed green compressor technology from the HVAC industry to produce energy savings over hot-gas-bypass regulation. Read more!

8. Industrial Combustion and Controls

Model 1650 ultra-low NOX regenerative Cyclops burner reduces NOX emissions by nearly half, says its manufacturer, compared to regenerative burner technologies. Read more!

7. Truck Oven Used to Post-Cure Rubber Parts

No. 860, a 500°F (260°C) truck oven, is used for post-cure of rubber parts. Workspace dimensions measure 36x36x60", and 34.8 KW is installed in Nichrome wire heating elements. Read more!


6. Compact, Tubeless Boiler for High Makeup Water Applications

Model CBT burns natural gas or propane fuel and achieves up to 84 percent fuel-to-steam efficiency and 4:1 turndown at full modulation. The tubeless boiler produces good dry-quality steam for both high and low pressure systems without a steam separator. Read more!

5. Electric Circulation Heaters Provide Closed-Loop Heating via Thermal Fluids

Line of electric circulation heaters provides heat for manufacturing and processing operations. The heaters can be used to heat thermal fluid that heats other plant equipment, or they can be used to directly heat liquid or gas products (chemicals, oil, water, air, nitrogen and steam) that flow through the heater. Read more!

4. Vertical Dryer for Powder Processing

Unlike hot air and tray dryers, Guedu is designed to stir the powder under vacuum. This design improves drying time by a factor two to 10 compared to tray dryers, says the manufacturer. Read more!

3. Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter for Difficult-to-Treat Waters

With a stainless steel housing, Model S1000 is designed to remove ultra-high and variable total suspended solids (TSS) from difficult-to-treat fluids in industrial process and wastewater treatment applications. Read more!

2. Fan-Blade Extensions Close the Gap Between the Shroud and the Fan Tip

Bristles on the end of each blade, εPS closes the gap between the shroud and the fan tip. This fan blade extension minimizes turbulence in the blade, improves fan performance and reduces noise.  Read more!

1. Furnaces and Ovens for Materials Testing

Materials-testing furnaces and ovens are used in laboratories and constructed using all stainless steel exteriors. They are designed to work with all material-testing systems such as tensile, creep, fatigue, compression or durability testing.  Read more!