A batch oven will be used for aging aluminum exterior components for aircraft engines. Wisconsin Oven, East Troy, Wis., manufactured the indirect gas-fired aluminum aging oven for the automotive and aerospace parts manufacturer.

When preheated, the unit has sufficient capability to heat 7,000 lb of aluminum and 15,000 lb of steel load car and fixturing (including weight of the multiple-level racks to support the stacked lip skins) from 70 to 375°F (21 to 190°C) within a two-hour period. The customer required a guaranteed temperature uniformity of ±5°F at setpoints of 200°F, 375°F and 400°F to ensure the oven would meet AMS 2750E, Class 1 furnaces and Instrumentation Type A. The recirculation system utilizes combination airflow to maximize heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product.