Many sensor styles, including NTC thermistors, thermocouples (type J, K) and RTDs, can be used with the company’s eCap Series to deliver energy savings through switching power supply technology (<30 mW at idle state). The sensor/thermostat combination can be used in processes operating from -40 to 2012°F (-40 to 1100°C). The thermostats have a 30 A relay to support heavy-duty loads. Two versions offered have two relays (12 and 20 A) and are oriented for cold applications and solid-state relay output to drive external relays. The electronic thermostat offers high accuracy of temperature control due to close differentials and narrow tolerances. They are SPST, offer tight temperature accuracy (±1°F for RTDs and ±2°C for thermocouples) and can be programmed to open or close on rise.

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