Manufactured for high temperature, thermal fluid pumping applications, Dean RA Series are offered with a tandem seal to protect environmentally sensitive areas from ground leaks. The tandem seal also increases safety when using flammable fluids and reduces risk, which can improve compliance with insurance requirements. The air-cooled pumps have a shaft-mounted fan to move airflow over the cooling fins on the pump’s exterior. The technology eliminates the need for external flush plans to protect the bearings and mechanical seal from overheating. An inert barrier fluid between two seal faces effects the tandem seal option. The barrier fluid’s level and pressure is controlled using Plan 52 technology. Technical specifications include capacities to 1,100 gal/min (250 m³/hr); heads to 425' (130 m); pumping temperature to 650°F (343°C); and working pressures to 350 psig (2,413 kPa).

CECO Environmental