The presence of scale -- even a small amount -- in your heating and cooling system can have significant impact on operational costs. Proactively implementing preventive maintenance to identify scale can extend the operating window and lifetime for thermal processing equipment such as boilers, cooling towers and other water-contacted systems.

Scale can adhere to the surface area and act as an insulation barrier on the heat transfer surface. This results in the loss of actual heat transfer and proper functionality, and the equipment uses more energy to complete a routine task. When ignored, under-deposit corrosion can develop and eat into the base of the metal, which causes tube or equipment failure.

Chemical descaling provides a clean-in-place solution. Liquid descaling solutions such as Goodway Technologies’ ScaleBreak can be used to remove scale deposits in situ, says the manufacturer.

According to Goodway, the cleaner is offered in several formulations to match the descaling blend best suited for specific applications and base alloys. Goodway also offers consulting services and laboratory testing to determine how to approach the scale in your industrial operation.