Protherm LLC has completed purchase of the assets of Process Thermal Dynamics Inc., Brandon, Minn.

Protherm LLC is owned by Marty Sawyer, the owner of Kansas City-based Trimac Industrial Systems LLC. Trimac manufactures process heating and cleaning equipment such as gas catalytic infrared ovens, convection ovens, parts washers, pretreatment washers, and powder coating and paint finishing systems.

The combination of the Trimac brands with Protherm creates the only solution in North America to design and manufacture a complete range of infrared and convection, according to the manufacturer. “Our Kemac line of cabinet, inline and pretreatment washers only adds to the challenges we can solve. We want to provide our customers choices for the right heating or cleaning solution based on their part, not just based upon what we make,” said Sawyer. “The combination of the full range of infrared with convection enhances our unique designs such as full infrared systems, combining electric and catalytic and other applications where the three heating technologies of electric, catalytic and convection can offer more design solutions.”

An electric infrared heater and oven manufacturer in Brandon, Minn., the Protherm brand has been supplying process heating to industry since 1985. Protherm LLC will continue operations in Brandon with its current employees. Learn more at