Our Equipment Overviews serve as key buyers’ guides and we include one in nearly every issue. Nine key topics — boilers, burners, convection and conduction heaters, dryers, heat exchangers, infrared heaters, high temperature heat transfer fluids, ovens and power controls — provide a powerful way to compare the manufacturers of specific types of process equipment. So, if you have a few parameters defined — say, you know you want an oven, powered by natural gas, that can be used to cure powder-coated parts — turning to the appropriate Equipment Overview will help you quickly develop a list of manufacturers from which you can submit an request for proposal. (In the case of the example, you would want the Equipment Overview on Ovens.)

What also I hope you know is that, should you have waylaid the essential printed issue, you do not need to wait until we publish each new Equipment Overview to access this information. Using our online Equipment Overviews and the search function on our website can help cut your equipment research time.

For our online Equipment Overview topic page, with links to all 10 topics, bookmark and visit http://www.process-heating.com/EquipmentOverviews. There, you can visit each of the online directories and use our built-in RFP tool. Using the tool, you can first search the directory to narrow the list to the manufacturers with the experience you desire, and then fill out one form to request more information from each of your targeted manufacturers. You use the search criteria to widen or narrow the search results.

But, there's another way you can use our site to help identify potential suppliers and learn more about heat processing technologies. Our upgraded search function, you can search our Equipment Overviews, Buyers Guide and thousands of articles, news and product stories with a single search. Want to read articles that cover drying pastes and mixes? Search “slurries” in the search field and view the results under “Articles.” Want to view companies in our Equipment Overviews and Buyers Guide capable of supplying equipment for drying pasts and mixes. Search for the same term and look under the “Directories” tab.

Oil and gas processing, chemical processing and refining, finishing, food processing, plastics, packaging, printing, electronics, ethanol/biodiesel fuels, pharmaceuticals and pulp/paper/converting: Each of these industries has at least two things in common — the use of heat during the manufacturing process and Process Heating magazine. With our online tools, we hope to help you find even more ways to connect with those with experience with thermal processing.