An integrated system consisting of a processing oven to clean the residual oil present in HVAC coils, combined with an air pollution control system — a thermal oxidizer — will be used by one HVAC coils maker to destruct solvents evaporated during thermal cleaning process. The system was designed and manufactured by Epcon Industrial Systems.

The processing oven includes a dual lane conveyor system with precision lane adjustment mechanism and a unique air distribution nozzles arrangement to offer high- and low-pressure air impingement over specific areas of HVAC coils. The combination of higher recirculation rate and turbulence in the oven processing chamber helps achieve proper cleaning of parts in shorter time.

A primary heat exchanger is utilized for preheating oven exhaust air to minimize the energy demand in the thermal oxidizer system, and a secondary heat exchanger is utilized to heat ambient air from 70-650°F (21-343°C).