Vaisala is issuing a product recall for old models of the Veriteq compact lithium battery-powered dataloggers. The loggers in question were manufactured by Veriteq Instruments and sold as either the Veriteq Spectrum/Model 5 or private labeled by dataTaker as the DT1000-4000 Series. Veriteq was purchased by Vaisala in 2010.

In very rare cases, these loggers are subject to potentially experiencing overheating when using the device connected to a network via an external serial or USB cable. The serial line connection may unintentionally start to recharge the lithium-thionyl-chloride battery inside the datalogger. Although very unlikely, the overheating may in some instances cause the battery to breach its casing.

The affected product models were sold by Veriteq as the VL1000, SP1000, VL14, SP1400, VL1700, SP1700, VL2000, SP2000, VL4000 and SP4000 and by dataTaker as the DT1000, DT1700, DT2000 and DT4000. The products can be identified by the physical appearance and a Veriteq or Data Electronics/Datataker label. They can be identified also by the serial numbers 00 000 001 through 13 999 999 and 97 000 001 through 99 999 999. The affected-model dataloggers have rectangular, 10-pin Harwin serial ports for connection instead of a standard D-connector. The recalled devices were produced during 1997-2013.

To prevent the risk of the battery overheating, disconnect any datalogger that is connected to any external network or serial converter. When removing it from your location, if visual inspection shows damage or leaking residue, please wear protective garments. Do not ship the units back to CAS DataLoggers or Vaisala. Customers who have Veriteq Spectrum or equivalent dataTaker DT1000-4000 Series dataloggers in use can have these units replaced with a current production version.