Sigma Thermal, a manufacturer of biomass-fired energy systems and waste-heat recovery systems, is using solar power to supplement roughly half of its electricity needs during peak consumption times and nearly 100 percent in lower consumption periods.

With a projected generating capacity of up to 144,000 kWh per year, the investment in solar power — a 100 kW solar energy array at its facility in Marietta, Ga. — will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 106 metric tons. Sigma Thermal expects to see a complete return on investment in three years or less.

Designed by Renewvia Energy, the solar panel installation was completed in December 2017.

“We spend quite a bit of time making sure that our technology works efficiently, effectively and with the lowest possible emissions levels,” said Jeff Ackel of Sigma Thermal. “We want every ounce of our customers’ energy to be maximized. By working with Renewvia to install solar technology at our facility, we start the process — and the impact — from the ground up.”