Explosions and fires in fuel-fired and electric fluid heaters — due to overheating or the release of flammable or combustible fluids from the heater tubing — can cause loss of life, property and production. In industrial fluid heaters, where heated fluid may flow under pressure, most causes of failures can be traced to human error.

Process Heating will host “How to Select and Operate Fluid Heaters for Efficiency, Quality and Safety” September 27 at 2 p.m. (ET). This free one-hour webinar will provide insights about key points of NFPA 87 and notable revisions in the most recent edition. Participants will also learn about:

  • Types of process heating solutions and their applications.
  • Tips for selection and sizing fluid heaters and load-delivery heat exchangers.
  • Standards and regulations such as OSHA PHA that affect owners and operators of fluid heaters.

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