Cloud-based technology implemented at Honeywell’s Kodama turbocharger plant in Saitama, Japan, allows the company to remotely identify, analyze and optimize energy consumption of the overall facility and all connected field devices.

Connected Plant Asset Performance, Honeywell’s cloud-based platform, connects assets and equipment to the cloud and applies analytical models to monitor and predict future asset performance. The plant software technology helps processors avoid critical asset failures and unplanned shutdowns, says Honeywell.

The cloud-based technology operates in three stages at the Kodama plant:

  • Data is collected from nearly 70 different field devices, including power meters, flowmeters and air compressors. The data is transported to the cloud-based software securely.
  • The software combines process data with asset data to provide analytics and key performance indicators. Plan managers receive insights into asset performance and energy consumption.
  • The asset-management software integrates with Honeywell’s Transportation Systems business to better forecast the plant’s energy consumption. It also integrate with a third-party ISO 50001 energy-management solution.

This is the first deployment of this cloud-based plant-management solution from Honeywell in Asia.