A cloud-based digital service designed to help improve yield while reducing energy costs and the thermal processing equipment’s environmental footprint was launched. MoisturePro, one of a suite of digital services offered by Bühler Insights, is a cloud platform for the food and feed processing industries.

Using an IIoT platform from Microsoft, Bühler built an intelligent drying solution with real-time, continuous moisture management. As the product being dried is discharged through a chute, data from moisture sensors is relayed to the dryer control software. Control algorithms immediately and continuously adjust production parameters so that the optimum moisture content is achieved and maintained throughout while ensuring food and feed safety.

The digital service is intended to help reduce moisture deviation, improve dryer yield and reduce dryer energy consumption. According to Bühler, it can deliver a return on investment of $300,000, translating to an annual energy savings of $20,000.

MoisturePro uses Microsoft’s Azure IoT cloud platform technologies, which “collect and analyze real-time device data using a preconfigured remote monitoring solution accelerator that triggers automatic alerts and actions.”