In an interview with Editor Linda Becker, Despatch Industries’ Rolf Kragseth shares further insights about drying products with solvent loads — the type of drying typically done in Class A ovens.

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  • Can you briefly define Class A ovens and how they affect processes where solvents are dried? [0:21]
  • You mention that many batch drying processes of products giving off solvents will show a spike in solvent levels at some point during the drying process. How should operators monitor their drying processes to identify these spikes, and their amplitude, and how can they be sure the recipes they choose keep the dryer within the safe operating limit? [3:20]
  • Can you offer any loading tips for Class A ovens that can help operators manage solvent loading safely? [6:40]
  • Another point you make in your article is that two characteristics that contribute to consistent airflow and temperature uniformity are the control system and physical design. Are there any other factors that influence temperature uniformity and airflow? [9:39]

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