Combustion and industrial safety, infrared heating and induction heating: All are focuses of a concurrent seminar program presented by the Industrial Heating Equipment Association. The events will be held in Cleveland on September 24-26 and will include IHEA’s fall business conference. The technical seminar series will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday followed by the business meeting on Thursday, all at the Intercontinental Cleveland.

Two seminars — focusing on industrial combustion and oven safety standards and codes — will take place concurrently over both days. Also, there will be two separate one-day seminars on infrared heating and induction technology. Attendees of all four seminars can attend IHEA’s tabletop exhibition and reception on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 24.

The combustion seminar is presented by industry professionals from heat-processing companies who will deliver relevant information on combustion technologies. The safety standards and codes seminar covers critical safety information for those involved with industrial thermal-processing applications as well as the 2019 updates to the NFPA 86 standard. IHEA’s Infrared and Induction Divisions have created two agendas that thoroughly review the basics, useful applications, equipment and benefits of each technology in order to improve plant operations.

IHEA’s Fall Business Conference begins on the evening of September 25. The conference brings IHEA member company representatives together for committee meetings and educational presentations to discuss challenges and issues of concern to members.