After a 20 months of construction, Bühler Group opened its Cubic innovation campus with eight Application Centers in Uzwil, Switzerland. The ideas of customers and prototypes are tested in the Application Centers, where they are refined to the point of market maturity.

In the Battery Lab, researchers are continuing their efforts to develop a new, continuous process for mixing electrode slurries applied in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. In the Grinding & Dispersing Application Center, Bühler is developing wet grinding and dispersion solutions. In the Die Casting Application Center, five die-casting cells are installed for training operators and for conducting customer tests. The Grain Technology Center is, according to Bühler, the world’s largest grain milling application center at 3,000 m2 and has its own analytics lab.

The Nutrition Application Center develops textured vegetable proteins; the Bakery Innovation Center develops fresh bakery products; and the Chocolate Application Center tests flavors and processes for cocoa-based products; the latest pasta is being developed in the Pasta Application Center.