A high percentage of available chlorine in a heavy-duty, high sequestered formulation helps ensure maximum performance in breweries, milk plants and similar food, beverage and dairy plants. ProClean CIP Wash-HW is nonfoaming at high concentrations and high circulation velocities. The chlorinated, alkaline, clean-in-place cleaner is free-rinsing in hard or soft water. It breaks down organic soils and residues found in the food and beverage industries. As an NSF-registered product, the cleaner is acceptable for use as a general cleaner (A1) on all surfaces in and around food processing areas where it is not intended for direct food contact.  A potable water rinse of cleaned surfaces is required after use of this product. Product is generally used at temperatures between 130 and 170°F (54 to 77°C) with exact dilutions and temperatures dependent on specific application requirements.

Madison Chemical Co. Inc.