Lewco Inc. designed, manufactured and delivered an enhanced-duty composite curing oven to a military base. The oven, which has a maximum temperature of 650°F (343°C), will be used to cure vacuum-bagged composite aircraft parts.

The walk-in oven includes a top-mounted heater box with a 1,500,000 BTU direct-fired natural gas burner. Two high-efficiency circulation fans provide uniform heat throughout the workspace. The airflow volume of the oven is designed to meet strict temperature uniformity requirements.

Oven controls include a Eurotherm Nanodac temperature controller with a redundant high-limit controller to provide precise temperature control with over-temperature protection. This controller has a serial communication port, ramp/ soak programming and data logging. Due to flammable volatiles present in the workspace, the oven is designed to NFPA 86, Class A standards.