Dryer had a maximum temperature rating of 151°F (66°C). The Gruenberg dryer is constructed from a structural steel frame that supports the 304L stainless steel interior chamber liner and the 304  No. 4 polished stainless steel exterior. All interconnecting struts are non-continuous, which keeps the exterior cool. The front-loaded granulation dryer utilizes a focused horizontal airflow, which maximizes heating rates and temperature uniformity of the product load. A circulation fan is located in a conditioning plenum chamber on the top of the oven. The air enters the workspace through a perforated duct wall area, running down both outer duct walls. The air flows left-to-right or right-to-left (depending in duct), horizontally across the product. The air exits the chamber via a perforated duct wall area near the center of the unit.

Thermal Product Solutions