As I write this commentary, the world is facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At times, it seems the news will never improve. While I cannot predict when the headwinds will turn in our favor, I can share what has been helping me.

Savor what you have. I may not be able to do many of the events I love this summer, but I still have sunny days, grass-scented breezes and the time to sit and relish the moment. If I turn on a little bluegrass and shuffle my feet in the dirt, it’s almost like I am there, at least in moments.

Count your blessings. I know that the pandemic is not impacting each of us equally. It is my hope that each of us is left with some blessings. When I get discouraged, I challenge myself to remember three things I can still enjoy, like my family, my health and my job.

Look forward. One my favorite features on Facebook is their memories feature, where they show things you have shared or posted “on this day” in previous years. While I am not a prolific user of Facebook, I do post and I get tagged by friends and family. What has resonated with me are posts about past difficult events — say, a local business that experienced a fire, or epic flooding in a familiar area. Time has given me the perspective to know that the business will rebuild and the waters will recede. And, so it will be with COVID-19 (eventually). Humans are amazingly resilient.

With an eye toward that last piece of advice — looking ahead — I am excited to announce that in 2021, Process Heating — with our sister publication, Process Cooling — will play host to the inaugural Process Heating & Cooling Show. The only tradeshow to focus specifically on industrial applications, the event will bring together manufacturers of industrial equipment for process cooling and heating with engineering professionals from the process industries responsible for thermal processing at their plants. It will be held June 16-17, 2021, in Chicago.

In the coming months, we will continue to work with the events team from BNP Media — tradeshow experts — to finalize the complete show lineup, including exhibition, on-site educational program, preshow events and more. I’m looking forward to sharing those details with you leading up to the show!

But first, now is your chance to claim the stage at this inaugural event. Consider becoming a speaker to share technical insights with our exclusive audience of manufacturing engineers who buy and specify process equipment to cool, chill or freeze product, measure, monitor or control temperature or cool equipment, as well as those who use heat processing equipment, components, materials and supplies as well as engineering professionals. Our educational sessions will bring together industrial manufacturing and engineering professionals to learn, connect, share and explore all things related to the process heating and cooling industries.

Prospective technical session topics include:

  • Water treatment for microbiological control and equipment longevity.
  • Industrial Internet of Things and how remote process control, monitoring and management are changing thermal processes.
  • Identifying the root causes of system failures.
  • Managing thermal processes to minimize energy costs.
  • Transcritical CO2 and ammonia refrigeration.
  • Best practices and application optimization.
  • Improving energy efficiency via conservation and process modifications.

Learn more about our call for papers on our website, Or, if you want to talk out your idea first, feel free to give me a call at 262-564-0074. I will be working with our educational advisory board to develop our conference program. Remember to submit your presentation proposal by July 31!