A high temperature walk-in oven heated with direct-fired natural gas was shipped to an industrial manufacturer. The oven, which was manufactured and delivered by Lewco Inc., has a maximum operating temperature of 1200°F (649°C).

The enhanced-duty batch oven is supplied with a rear-mounted heater box and heat capacity of 700,000 BTU/hr. A 12,000-cfm high efficiency circulation fan delivers uniform dual airflow throughout the workspace, and a 1,125-cfm exhaust fan is included to meet the NFPA Class A requirement. Bi-parting swing doors with a three-point cam-style latch provide a positive seal during heating.

Oven controls include a Watlow F4T temperature controller and a redundant high limit controller, which provides overtemperature protection and includes ramp/soak programming, data logging and Ethernet communications.