A virtual safety standards and codes seminar for industrial thermal processing is set for April 14-16. Presented by the Industrial Heating Equipment Association, the online seminar builds on the experiences IHEA developed while offering virtual courses last fall.

The online seminar will review the 2019 edition of NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, highlighting key changes and requirements. The seminar is intended for individuals involved in the design, manufacture, service or operation of industrial ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers or thermal oxidizers. Understanding the proper use of national standards governing the compliant design and operation of ovens and furnaces is essential for everyone involved with this type of equipment, IHEA notes.

The three-day course will include the following sessions, all of which are presented by industry professionals who are experts in safety:

  • An overview of NFPA 86, including administration, references and definitions (Kevin Carlisle, Karl Dungs).
  • General requirements, location and construction (Glen Mortensen, Zurich Services Corp.).
  • Furnace heating systems, including Class B Furnace considerations (Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety).
  • Safety equipment and application, including safety shutoff valves (Aaron Zoeller, SCC Inc.).
  • Safety equipment and application, including programmable logic controller systems (Bryan Baesel, Honeywell Combustion Safety).
  • Class A ovens, furnaces and thermal oxidizers (Jason Safarz, Karl Dungs).
  • Safety equipment and application with safety controls and devices (Michael San Antonio, Fireye).
  • Special atmospheres for Class C ovens and furnaces and quench and molten salt bath (Anthony Cherol, Surface Combustion).
  • Commissioning, operations, maintenance, inspection and testing (Aaron Zoeller, SCC Inc.).

“While we are hoping to hold our seminars in person during the fall 2021,” said Anne Goyer, IHEA executive vice president, “there is ongoing demand for virtual training now. So, a decision was made to offer our popular safety standards and codes seminar again this spring.”

The registration fee for the virtual event is $295 for IHEA members and $350 for nonmembers. Registration includes a printed copy of the NFPA 86 standard and a certificate of completion awarding PDHs. Visit www.ihea.org/event/SafetySpring21 for additional details or to register.