A manufacturer of foundry supplies will use a large conveyor oven to dry ceramic fiber products.

The oven, which is rated for a maximum operating temperature of 500°F (260°C), was built and delivered by Lewco Inc. It includes two direct-fired, natural gas heater boxes with a capacity of 4 million BTU/hr each. Two 30,000-cfm circulation fans and integral plenums deliver uniform dual-vertical airflow throughout the oven workspace. Dual-vertical airflow refers to hot air being supplied to both the top and bottom of parts.

Due to the parts entering the oven wet, a stainless steel conveyor belt and slider bed were included. Insulated and pneumatically actuated pans are installed on the entrance and exit openings to allow operators to adjust the openings for different parts. The oven also includes insulated bolt-on access panels to ease access to the oven chamber for service and maintenance.