Growing trends among companies using industrial thermal processing technologies are prioritizing sustainability and minimizing the environmental impacts of their operations. In response, one industrial boiler equipment manufacturer serving the process industries has developed a sustainability initiative to support manufacturers focused on environmental issues. Cleaver-Brooks will consult with such companies, assess their boiler plant and tailor a solution of sustainable products and services to achieve targets. 

Cleaver-Brooks offers recommendations to accelerate a company’s sustainability efforts. To identify energy-savings opportunities throughout a boiler plant, Cleaver-Brooks developed its Boiler Plant Optimization (BPO) portfolio. Typical opportunities are found in flue gas recovery (25 percent of facilities), boiler control upgrades (16 percent of facilities) and recovery of flash steam (13 percent of facilities).

Cleaver-Brooks anticipates that companies in the automotive, chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical sectors can benefit from this initiative when seeking to meet sustainability goals. In addition to providing boiler and burner solutions, Cleaver-Brooks provides equipment to reduce a company’s overall carbon footprint, transition a plant from fossil fuels to renewable energy, increase a plant’s overall energy efficiency, and achieve ultra-low-to-zero NOX and CO emissions.