A company in the transportation industry will use a natural-gas-fired conveyor oven with a maximum temperature of 500°F (260°C) to cure contoured plastic parts.

Designed, manufactured and shipped by Wisconsin Oven, the oven is built in accordance with NFPA 86 regulations. The oven’s heating equipment includes an industrial air heat burner, solenoid shutoff valve, combustion air blower, combustion airflow switch, motorized gas control valve, gas line filter/strainer, main gas pressure regulator, and a gas shutoff cock. In addition, the oven’s shell utilizes proprietary, high efficiency panel seams that provide better efficiency than conventional designs, according to the manufacturer.

“The customer needed to process a high production rate of large parts,” said Gary A. Hanson, senior application engineer. “This oven uses an indexing design that moves the parts through the oven with very little heat loss due to the doors that close between the parts, creating a tight seal.”