Have you ever looked at a project and thought, “You know, if I did this, and then that, instead of the other way around, I would have a much better outcome”? If you have, you should enter the inaugural Process Heating & Cooling Innovation Award.

Thermal processing is a key processing step in the manufacture of myriad products. It is through the effective and controlled application of process heating or cooling technologies that products ranging from plastics to chemicals to foods are manufactured. Targeted and controlled heating and cooling are the difference between a product that meets specs and one that must be scrapped.

Yet, many process applications have unique parameters that preclude the simple application of an off-the-shelf product. It is at the intersection of thermal processing equipment capabilities, process requirements, and plant and process application limitations that thermal processing innovation is often born.

So, ask yourself:

  • Have you, or someone you work with, used industrial process heating or cooling equipment to solve a thermal challenge within your plant? 
  • Has your expertise or experience with industrial process heating and cooling equipment projects enabled you to reduce process operating costs, improve thermal processing efficiency and increase process safety? 

Nominations for the inaugural Innovation Award will be accepted until April 15. Submit your nominations here. Nominate yourself or a colleague who has solved process heating and cooling challenges innovatively within your facility.

The award will recognize the innovation application of technical expertise or experience with industrial process heating and cooling equipment, projects or efforts to reduce costs, improve thermal processing efficiency and increase safety.

The winner of the first annual Process Heating & Cooling Innovation Award will be announced at the Process Heating & Cooling Show, which will be held June 15-16, 2022, in Chicago. Learn more about the show at heatingcoolingshow.com.

The award recipient (person or company) will receive recognition in both Process Cooling and Process Heating magazines, websites and enewletters, as well as a plaque. In addition, Process Heating and Process Cooling will make a one-time $1,000 scholarship donation in the winner’s name to the engineering school of the winner’s choice.