Catalytic Products International installed a thermal combustor system (TCS) at a Southwestern fractionator for the treatment of waste gas containing hydrocarbons, aromatics and hydrogen sulfide emitted during an acid gas separation process.

The TCS will control the emissions from two gas streams: an amine flash gas and an amine acid gas. According to CPI, it will destroy the emissions with 99.5 percent destruction rate efficiency.

CPI provided the design, supply and startup of the TCS, which was custom designed for the particular gas streams. The company also included a complement of auxiliary devices to aid in performance, safety and self-diagnostics. 

Thermal combustor systems are enclosed flare designs that hide the flame while thermally combusting the vapor gas steam. The design supports safe operation when compared to exposed flame flare systems, according to the company, and allows installation in numerous areas of the plant. A TCS allows combustion of hydrocarbon vapor mixtures that have varying energy content where enclosed flares may fail.