The conference program at the Process Heating & Cooling Show — planned for June 15-16 in Chicago — focuses exclusively on industrial heating and cooling equipment, components and supplies used in the process industries. During our conference program at the show, Richard Beemsterboer, the sales director for heat transfer fluids at ORG Chem Group, will speak on June 15 about reclaiming heat transfer fluids.

 Richard joined editor Linda Becker to speak about this presentation via podcast. During his presentation at the show, he will help attendees understand how reclaiming heat transfer fluids can benefit their operations. 

  •  What are heat transfer fluids and how are they used in industrial cooling and heating operations? [0:51]
  • What does it mean to do fluid reclaiming? [1:25]
  • What types of fluids best lend themselves to being reclaimed? [2:13]
  • Let's assume someone is using thermal fluids and wants to reclaim them. How do they get started? How do you determine that the fluid has reached the end of its life and its time to be reclaimed?
  • I know that overheated fluids can break down and form things like high boilers and low boilers — products of fluid degradation. Can a fluid be too far gone to be reclaimed? [4:21]
  • Do you work with heat transfer fluid users to remove, clean and refill their heat transfer fluid system? [5:26]
  • Can you provide reclaim services while the heat transfer fluid system is operating? [6:15]
  • Let's talk a bit about using reclaimed thermal fluids as heat transfer fluids. What are some of the benefits of using reclaimed fluids? [7:05]
  • Are there any drawbacks to or concerns about using reclaimed heat transfer fluids? {8:27]
  • Are there any factors that might limit the use of reclaimed heat transfer fluids? [10:00]
  • What is a reasonable payback, and what benefits can testing provide? (11:10]
  • From your perspective, what are some of the major challenges for the thermal process industry right now? [12:42]
  • Have these challenges affected ORG Chem Group, and if so, how? [14:16]
     How is ORG Chem Group positioning itself to deal with those challenges? [12:54]
  • How is heat transfer fluid reclamation being used to help companies meet their sustainability goals? [15:42]
  • One of the benefits of attending a trade show or listening to a podcast is that you get to take advice from experts in the field. If you were sitting next to a leading thermal fluids expert right now, what would you ask them? [16:46]

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