A Midwest manufacturer of silicon rubber insulation products installed a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) in order to improve sustainability and reduce the carbon footprint of its process coating operations.

Designed and supplied by Catalytic Products International (CPI), the single Triton 30,000 scfm RTO replaced two aging recuperative thermal oxidizers. These older oxidizers had not only reached the end of their operating life but were also significant consumers of natural gas due to their low thermal efficiency design.

The RTO will destroy the incoming volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from two tower coater lines with continuous 98 percent destruction rate efficiency and 95 percent thermal heat recovery. This improvement in thermal efficiency results in a significant net reduction in CO2 emissions compared to operating the existing recuperative thermal oxidizers.

CPI completed a turnkey installation, including engineering, design and supply of the RTO. The installation of the RTO and related equipment included concrete pad design, ductwork, hot gas bypass and exhaust stack. The RTO was installed adjacent to the existing oxidizers prior to disconnecting and removing the old units. This approach guaranteed the entire system was installed correctly, returning the company to fully operational status with minimal downtime.