A manufacturer of iron cookware ordered a conveyor oven to cure a special coating at 475°F (246°C).

Lewco Inc. will design and develop the oven, which is rated for a maximum operating temperature of 500°F (260°C). A single, direct-fired natural gas heater box will provide a capacity of 700,000 BTU/hr.

The burner is configured for propane fuel to start but will be converted to natural gas. The oven is equipped with a 7,000-cfm circulation fan and a 750-cfm exhaust fan. The high efficiency circulation fan and integral plenums deliver uniform vertical-down airflow throughout the workspace, according to Lewco.

Adjustable insulated panels are installed on the entrance and exit openings to minimize air leakage into the plant. The oven also is supplied with an insulated access panel on the side wall to ease access to the oven chamber for service and maintenance. Controls include a Eurotherm temperature controller and a redundant high-limit controller.