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This issue includes our 2022 reader picks on topics relating to process cooling. What makes a reader pick? Primarily, it’s based on how popular these articles have been on our websites over time. Without further ado, let’s take a look at each.

Critical Considerations to Minimize Heat Loss in Industrial Process Applications

PH 1122 Reader Picks Critical Considerations Heat LossWhen it comes to industrial applications, process control is absolutely critical. Poorly optimized process control can quickly become costly in terms of lost energy, translating to financial loss. It also can inhibit the transport of the material through the piping, potentially damage the quality of the substance within the pipes, and put the safety of plant workers at risk.
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Understanding Industrial Burners

PH 1122 Reader Picks Understanding Industrial BurnersAt a basic level, burners are devices used to mix fuel and air (or oxygen) to achieve controlled combustion while producing a specific flame and heat-release pattern. The heat generated is used to control the temperature within a combustion chamber to the process setpoints.

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The Basics of Desuperheating and Steam Conditioning

PH 1122 Reader Picks Desuperheating Steam ConditioningTwo primary uses for steam in the power and process industries are performing mechanical work and as a heat transfer medium. Superheated steam is preferred for mechanical work because it does not contain entrained water droplets, which can damage rotating equipment.

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