An electrically heated walk-in oven will help a manufacturer of water infrastructure products such as valves, fire hydrants and pipe connections achieve their product specfifications. Grieve Corp., Round Lake, Ill., built and delivered the oven, which is used to preheat the valve bodies to 240 to 260°F (115 to 127°C).

After the bodies, which weigh 25 to 425 lb, are heated, a rubber seat is attached using an adhesive spray, and the whole part is placed in a compression molding machine so the rubber can bond to the valve.

According to Grieve, because the manufacturer of water infrastructure products uses two differently sized trucks for oven loading, tracks to accommodate both trucks were built into the insulated oven floor. A programmable temperature controller; an SCR power controller to eliminate mechanical contactors and extend heating element life; and a four-color tower light to indicate various oven conditions also were installed on the unit. The walk-in oven includes a rear heat chamber and combination airflow.