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Learn in a professional classroom and hands on environment at the Process Heating & Cooling Show in the Rosemont Convention Center. Meet and learn from industry-leading instructors and associations. These courses will help you meet safety standards, lower your companies’ liability, and keep you up-to-speed with the latest methods and technologies. Professional training provided by industry-leading associations for the industrial heating and cooling industry.

Also your course fee gains you total access to the expo hall and education courses provided there. See the some of the best equipment in North American and gain additional CE learning opportunities.


IHEA Combustion Safety Training - One-Day Safety Standards and Codes Seminar

Presented by the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) in conjunction with the Process Heating & Cooling Show

Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA)

NEW UPDATES!  NFPA 86 – 2023 Edition Released

 Explosions and fires in industrial heating systems can result in injury or loss of life, and loss of property and production. Understanding the proper use of National Standards governing the compliant design and operation of ovens & furnaces is essential for everyone involved with this type of equipment. IHEA’s Safety Standards & Codes seminar is designed for individuals involved in the design, manufacture, service or operation of ovens, furnaces, kilns, dryers, thermal oxidizers and a wide range of industrial applications.

The seminar covers critical safety information for those involved with a wide range of industrial thermprocess applications. This abridged one-day course will focus on recent updates in the newly released NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens & Furnaces, 2023 Edition. Attendees will also learn identification of principals and concepts for several critical safety topics.

One-Day Seminar Topics Include:

  • Overview of NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens & Furnaces including Administration, References & Definitions
  • General Requirements, Location and Construction
  • Classification of Furnaces: A, B, C, and D 
  • Gas Line Evacuation (Purging) and Charging 
  • Commissioning, Operations, Maintenance, Inspection & Testing
  • Hydrogen Introduction
  • Burner Management Systems & PLC Applications 


Jeff Rafter, Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC
Jason Safarz, Karl Dungs, Inc.
Bob Sanderson, Rockford Combustion

Seminar Fee $495 per person

Fee includes: classroom instruction, seminar materials and handouts; lunch; and full conference registration to Process Heating and Cooling Show. Attendees also receive a printed copy of the 2023 edition of NFPA 86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces. Upon completion of the course, seminar attendees will be issued a certificate documenting six (6) Professional Development Hours (PDHs).


ASTI Safety Day - Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI), in partnership with Global Cold Chain Association, IIAR, and RETA

Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI)This 2023 Safety Day will reveal how to put more action in your emergency action plan; prevent, mitigate, and prepare to stop emergency events when they are small.

Topics and Exercises: 

  • Physiological effects of ammonia on the body 
  • Chemical and physical properties of ammonia 
  • The future of green and blue ammonia 
  • Integrating Industrial response with public safety command 
  • Value of prevention, protection, and preparedness 
  • Understand hazards, mitigate risks, and prepare for threats 
  • Evacuation, decontamination, and medical care 
  • Lessons learned from accidents and emergency events 
  • Value and use of chemical protective clothing and equipment

Presenter:  Vincent "Scott" Silva, Ammonia Safety & Training Institute (ASTI)

Who should attend? 

Those who respond to, regulate or work with ammonia, including all Emergency Managers.

Training Fees: $99 before March 24th, $125 before April 28th, $150 after April 28th

Fees include: classroom instruction, materials and handouts; continental breakfast, networking breaks, lunch, a full conference registration to the Process Heating & Cooling Show and a certificate of completion. 


AMCA Sessions & Show Floor Demonstration 

Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA)Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) will have three courses taking place throughout the day on Thursday including a live demonstration in the exhibit hall.

Hear from:

Access to the AMCA sessions come with all registrations to the Process Heating & Cooling Show.

See the full details of the AMCA program on the agenda


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