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ANIL Gulanikar

Anil Gulanikar

DAG-TECH Services

Anil D. Gulanikar is President of Association of Ammonia Refrigeration (AAR), India & Director of a consulting firm “DAG-TECH SERVICES” based out of Pune, India. He has more than 34 years with leading multinationals. Conceptualization, design, engineering of large fully automated refrigeration system is his strength. Audited more than 50 refrigeration system and assisted them to improve energy efficiency& safety. Presented technical six technical papers at international conferences in Europe and USA. As a regular speaker at AAR, India, more than 15000 delegates are trained He associated with Unilever, Intervert (Merck) Rich (Ice cream) USA etc. and Indian dairy industries.

Improving Energy Efficiency and Safety of Existing Ammonia Refrigeration System

This presentation will be based on 34 years of practical experience and achievement. Day by day electricity costs are increasing. For any plant owner, improving energy efficiency of an existing plant is a must. Safety of ammonia system is extremely important.

In India more than 85% of refrigeration systems are installed by an unorganized sector where design and safety knowledge is very limited. This presentation will highlight a step by step guide on how to improve safety and energy efficiency of the refrigeration system. Case studies will be reviewed indicating how energy efficiency and safety was improved.


  1. What to look for to make an existing plant safe
  2. How to make an existing plant energy efficient
  3. Reduce spare parts and maintenance to help reduce operating costs
  4. How to select proper equipment to achieve optimize operating cost

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