Process Heating & Cooling Show

Process Heating & Cooling Show

Edye Buchanan BriskHeat

Edye Buchanan

Sales Strategist
BriskHeat Corp.

Edye Buchanan, CMfgT is a Sales Strategist at BriskHeat Corporation. She spent more than 20 years in manufacturing and design engineering, as well as product and project management with Fives North American Combustion. During this time Edye was recognized with the 2013 Fives Innovation Award in Combustion Technology and the 2014 STEP Award recognizing women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Production. In her current position, she works with the Sales and Marketing groups as part of the New Product Development team to uncover new technologies, applications and sales channels for industrial surface and immersion heat. She has published in Processing Magazine, Thermal Processing, and Process Heating magazines on topics such as thermal efficiency and vacuum heating. Edye, who is serving her fourth term as an SME International Director holds a Bachelor of Science from Kent State University and is an SME Certified Manufacturing Technologist.

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